If you are just starting down the road to a possible divorce, undoubtedly you have begun to realize that the process requires a lot of documents and information. To properly prepare a divorce matter, a complete picture of the assets, liabilities, and incomes of both spouses is
absolutely critical. This information is crucial in helping us negotiate the best possible settlement for you, and will make sure we are properly prepared for trial if your spouse refuses to settle on reasonable terms.   In addition, by collecting this information now, you can minimize the risk that your spouse will dissipate or hide assets later.

Below is a comprehensive check list of the sorts of documents and information we may need.  Your divorce might not require all of these items; we suggest that you print this form out and bring it with you to your appointment.  We can discuss in detail what you should start collecting.   

(1)  Personal tax returns. Complete returns (including related W-2 forms, 1099s, K-1 forms and any other attachments) for the last five
years. If you do not have access to copies, you can request this using IRS Form 4506 (available at Such a request will take several weeks to process, however.

(2) Business tax returns. Complete returns for any corporation, partnership, or LLC in which either spouse has a 10% interest or greater,
for the last 5 years.

(3) Wage/income documents. Social Security statements of life time earnings (this can be obtained at

(4) Banking statements. Monthly statements for all accounts that you and your spouse have access to, including copies of cancelled checks
(where available). Ideally, we would like at least one year's worth of statements.

(5) Investment and/or brokerage account statements. Monthly statements, including mutual fund accounts, retirement
accounts, pension accounts, as well as standard investment accounts.

(6)  Loan information. Provide available documentation for all outstanding loans (where either you, your spouse, or your business(es) are
liable). As a start, we will need documentation sufficient to show the amount of the outstanding loan, whether the loan is secured by property or other collateral, payment terms, when the loan originated, and its due date or payoff date. In addition, please provide copies of
any loan applications made in the last year.

(7) Credit card documents. Monthly statements or summaries reflecting all charges and debts owed by either you, your spouse or your business(es) for at least the last year.

(8)  Insurance policy documents. Documents sufficient to ascertain all insurance policies in effect, including life insurance, long-term
disability, health, and property insurance.

(9) Real property documents. Please provide deeds, closing documents related to the purchase of that property, and most recent tax assessments.

(10) Motor vehicle documents. All titles and registration statements for motor vehicles owned by each spouse.

(11) Personal property documents. Copies of any appraisals for property/assets done within the last five years. Also please provide a list of
significant personal property.

(12) Safe deposit contents. Inventory of the contents of any safe deposit boxes of either spouse.

(13) Judgments and pleadings. Documents related to actions in which either spouse has been a party (plaintiff or defendant) during the

(14) Medical information. Copies of medical bills, prescriptions, evaluations, and medical or psychiatric treatment received in the last
five years.






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