Divorce is hard, and often it doesn't bring out the best in us. Your soon-to-be-ex spouse is no exception. To protect yourself in the uncharted territory of breaking up, here are a couple of simple suggestions. Keep in mind that these are just general suggestions and may not be applicable to you; do not hesitate to call Aasen Law Office at 605-390-0999 for advice and guidance for your unique situation:

  • Now is the time to learn (if you haven't already) to walk away from arguments with your spouse. You can always say "Have your lawyer talk to mine."
  • Practice politeness, even if it is forced.
  • A little skepticism can go a long way. Your soon-to-be-ex may not be particularly inclined to be candid with you.
  • Don't make agreements with your spouse or sign anything without first talking to your lawyer.
  • Do not enter any sale agreements for your marital home or other real estate without first talking to your lawyer.
  • Keep your case files and other materials related to your divorce safe and secure, especially keep such documents safe and away from any location to which your soon-to-be-ex has access.
  • Don't fall for "ultimatums" from your spouse. Bring any offer or demand from your spouse to your lawyer. That's why you hired us.

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