Divorce Attorney Rapid City SDIf you are reading this, chances are you are facing some of the most difficult, life-changing decisions of your life. Kirsten is an experienced high-stakes litigator, with a passion for family law, and a commitment to the Black Hills. Kirsten and her staff know exactly what you are going through, and we can navigate your way to a better future.

In her prior life as a Washington, D.C. attorney, Kirsten spent some 20 years defending the world’s largest corporations against class action plaintiff attorneys, the U.S. government and the European Union in “bet the company” antitrust matters. She knows what “high stake” litigation really is, and that the stakes are never higher than when it involves you and your family. Kirsten retired to her beloved Black Hills in 2007, but soon realized the “retired life” was just a little too “retiring” for her. Looking for an area that could benefit from her complex problem solving expertise and bull-dogged litigation skills, she soon set her sights on family law. It was a perfect fit. As anyone with divorce or custody issues already knows, the family law arena is chock-full of thorny legal issues with long-term consequences where emotions run high – just her cup of tea. And, as she puts it: “If I was going to spend sleepless nights fixated on legal issues, it was going to be for real people with real problems.”

Kirsten and her staff can help you in your family law matter with the same skill and tenacity that were so valued by Fortune 100 businesses.

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